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Friday, 21 December 2012

The Balenciaga Quilted Moto Biker Jacket

They now come in an array of beautiful colours too!

This Cobalt blue is to die for...

As is this Lipstick red...

I am actually lucky enough to have bagged one of these bad boys through a trade with a lady I met through ebay! Mine is in the soft black (Anthracite) which looks most like the 2nd pic in this post :-) The regular black is more shiny, but I prefer this matte version!

When it gets too cold I even resort to using it as extra warmth over my pyjamas! True love! I adore this jacket SO much (don't worry - I haven't forgotten about my Balmain baby!) But this one, as it's ready to wear has been a lifesaver.

Yum. So comfy.


If I were to ever be able to get this jacket in another colour, I think I would go for this two tone Sienne Foncé/Black version. Just beautiful!

J x


  1. Gorgeous jacket, looks lovely on you! Really love biker jackets xx

  2. That is the hottest jacket in the history of the world!!! WANT.

    The Style Rawr!

  3. That jacket is adorable! The blue one is so different, I love it!

    xo Sam

    DIY Huntress

  4. I personally would like either the black or cobalt blue one. Super cool and such an investment. So glad I clicked on your comment that led me back to your blog, your posts' contents are info and image juicy so expect to be seeing some regular comments from me, you don't have to follow me back don't worry. I've just posted up my blog's big Christmas post accompanied with a fashion joke poem, if you want to hear more about Erdem and Eggnog, check it out and do tell what you think ;)

    xx The Provoker

  5. Ooh it's gorgeous, you lucky lady! <3

    Jennie xo |

  6. Gorgeous jacket dear!! Love it!! ;)

  7. Beautiful post!!!
    I wish you a Merry Christmas! and my g+ for you...
    …………*./ | \ .*
    ………, • '*♥* ' • ,
    ……. '*• ♫♫♫•*'
    ….. ' *, • '♫ ' • ,* '
    ….' * • ♫*♥*♫• * '
    … * , • Feliz' • , * '
    …* ' •♫♫*♥*♫♫ • ' * '
    ' ' • . Navidad . • ' ' '
    ' ' • ♫♫♫*♥*♫♫♫• * ' '
    …………….♥ Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  8. Jo you wear the jacket perfectly! What a fantastic piece :)
    K xx

  9. Your sense of style is pretty good

  10. Love this! I have one leather jacket but this SO beats it! Beautiful!

  11. Just found your blog and really like it. Keep up the good work.

  12. Your matte black's smoking! I love the red too.

  13. I am in love with your jacket!!!!!! It's gorgeous on you xx

  14. Oh, what I wouldn't give to be the owner of one of these little bad boys. So amazing! x


  15. Ohmygoodness this jacket is scrumptious! I love it!!

    Haute Child in the City

  16. I wish you a Happy New Year!!! Full with peace, love, health and prosperity!!
    ★ Feliz Año Nuevo ★

    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥

  17. The jacket looks amazing on you! Thinking about getting one...just wondering which size you have? xx

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